What is Wireless I.Q.?

***We have moved our WordPress blog to our own server.

You can read this article in its entirety here:


Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. The main purpose of this blog is to communicate information to our clients. We hope to achieve this and reach a broader audience by posting information on:

  • Useful tips and tricks for wireless devices (BlackBerry, Palm Treo, Windows Mobile) and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Reviews of wireless devices and third party software that can be installed on them.
  • Wireless phone carrier pricing changes and news.
  • Microsoft Exchange, ActiveSync, BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and Good Mobile Messaging Service
  • Upcoming Wireless I.Q. live and online training seminars.

Now for a little bit about what we do:

Wireless I.Q. is a Baton Rouge based company that focuses on providing businesses with email and wireless solutions. We provide in depth training and troubleshooting on Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry, Palm Treo, and Windows Mobile. The goal is to provide assistance to professionals pertaining to their specific industry needs. Our hosted Microsoft Exchange server is a great solution for small to medium sized businesses looking to have enterprise email at a low cost. You can find out more about our company at http://www.wirelessiqllc.com or email me at ben.marcel@wirelessiqllc.com. We hope you enjoy our posts while we find working solutions for working people.


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