iPhone 2.0 software update coming soon

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[Update 6/9/2008 – iPhone software update pushed back to “early July,” probably to coincide with the 3G iPhone release]

[Update 6/11/2008 – (via Engadget) The software update may come earlier than expected. Apple’s Australian website is showing that the App Store will be available on June 27th)

Back in March, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a software update that will help the iPhone evolve and better position itself in the business segment and against other smart phones. With rumors circulating about a 3G iPhone release, early adopters of Apple’s wireless device can get the software upgrade for free and take advantage of true business applications, without having to upgrade their device. These applications include access to Microsoft Exchange’s wireless sync capabilities, increased control by IT administrators, and third party application support. Jobs anticipates that this software update will be released before the end of June, probably around the one year anniversary of the iPhone launch date. We will have a video review when the update is released. Read on for more details about the update.

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