BlackBerry dominates the smartphone market for Q1

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Here is a breakdown of the market share of smart phone sales in the first quarter of 2008 and some thoughts behind the numbers.

RIM (BlackBerry) – 44.5% up from 35.1% in Q4- Staying strong due to the anticipated release of the GSM 3G version of their device. There have been a lot more advertisements on television, something that has not been present in the past. There was also an announcement of the BlackBerry Partners Fund. A joint venture between RIM and a few venture capitalists to promote the development of third party applications.

Apple – 19.2% down from 26.7% in Q4- Also anticipating the release of a GSM 3G version of the iPhone. Unlike BlackBerry, Apple has only one device model in the marketplace, making would be purchasers inclined to wait for the newer version. Apple has inked agreements with many foreign carriers to sell the iPhone. This number will probably go up in the next few quarters. It is still not bad for a company that entered the market less than one year ago.

Palm – 13.4% up from 7.9% in Q4 – Finally some good news for palm. The Centro took off when it was

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