Video Review of Facebook Application for Palm Treo

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Millions of people use Facebook. A majority of these users are unable to sit in front of their computer all day reading friend updates, wall posts, and to poke or be poked. Sure, in college, I had nothing better to do (homework, study, go to class) than sit in front of my computer. With mobility in mind, Facebook has launched a number of mobile Facebook applications.

From any cell phone browser, you can go to and pull up a mobile version of the social networking website.

You can upload pictures and video from your cellphone by sending a multimedia message (MMS) to

In the video below, we review the Facebook application that was designed for the Palm Treo 680, 755p, and the Centro. Facebook is accessed using the internet connection through a program instead of the web browser.

To download it directly to your compatible Palm device, use the phone’s browser to go to The installation process is also covered in the video.

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