My Journey For an iPhone Begins…

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It’s 5:30 and my journey begins for an iPhone. Although I am not as hardcore as these people, I am pretty excited to get my wife and her sister an iPhone when it releases today. Having a four year old daughter, I am not able to wait in line overnight to get my hands on one. Daycare does not open until 6:30, so this is as early as I could get started. Our daughter is not going to be happy when I wake her up this early. Heck, I am not happy to wake up this early. I will keep you updated as I arrive to the AT&T store (which I actually worked at for three years). I can’t wait to see the look on all the Apple fanboys when I show up blogging on my PC…

7:00: Daycare was a few minutes late opening but traffic was not too bad. I am number 59 in line. It just so happens that my spot has a bench to sit on. They won’t tell us how many are in stock. I got a free bottle of water. I wonder what happens if I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll take it easy on the water. Pictures below.

I just saw a person that was waiting in line last year for the iPhone and the Ms. Debbie Heroman, the lady that did our flowers.

7:22: The guy in the number 61 spot bought a first-gen iPhone two weeks ago and now has to wait in line to exchange it for the 3G version. What rock was he hiding under?

8:00: The doors are finally open. I ran to Starbucks to use the bathroom while someone held my spot in line. I talked to the first people in line and they said they got here about 11:30 last night. I also got a glimpse of the new phone. Pretty nice looking. The line is moving fast.

8:30: Pretty much at a standstill. I’m sure activating in store this year is going to make the wait a little longer. I’ve made a few business contacts while waiting in line.

8:40: Someone just came outside and said there was a “small glitch” in the system. Great.

8:44: I’m starting to hear a lot of cell phone conversations saying “I’m gonna be a little late for work.”

8:49: Some guy just shouted “Does anybody want to buy a BlackBerry Curve?!” My battery is about to die on my laptop. I’ll be back when I plug it back in.

9:29: Just saw a copy of an email about the system issues stating:

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