Hurricane Preparedness for Wireless I.Q. Email Users

To our email subscribers:

With Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Hanna threatening the gulf coast region, I wanted to share a few tips on being prepared for these storms.

Our email system is housed out of state and will continue to operate as normal in the event of power failure in our area. There are several factors that may impact to receive your email on your computer or mobile device.

· If power or internet is down in your area, you will not be able to send or receive messages from your computer during this time.

· In addition, your calendar, address book, tasks, and memos from your computer will not synchronize with our server.

· Any incoming email messages will continue to be received by our server and will come to your computer as soon as power and internet is restored.

· You have Outlook access at from any internet connected computer. Shared contacts and calendar are not available on the online version of Outlook. Login with your full email address as the username and your current password.

If you use a mobile device, you will have the ability to send and receive messages and continue to synchronize with our server as long as your wireless carrier is operating as normal.

· If you are using an AT&T BlackBerry, your carrier is operating correctly if you have “EDGE” or “GPRS” (all capital letters) next to your signal bars.

· For Verizon BlackBerry users, you should have “1XEV” by the signal bars.

· Windows Mobile users generally have an icon “E” or “3G” signifying that you have correct data service.

· Even when your cell phone is reading a normal data signal, an influx of usage could cause some delays in data being sent and received.

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