Review: e-Mobile Today Pro for BlackBerry

For you BlackBerry users that have used Windows Mobile in the past, e-Mobile Today Professional Edition is a great program to utilize an “active” desktop. Windows Mobile phones have an “active” desktop as the home screen. When an event occurs, such as an upcoming appointment or new email, the desktop updates. BlackBerry has a similar theme called the Today theme, but it does not work as well as the Windows Mobile counterpart.

e-Mobile Software has created a program for the BlackBerry operating system that allows you to have an active desktop. e-Mobile Today Professional lists missed calls, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, emails, and text messages all on the main screen. Add-ons can also be purchased to include weather, news, and stocks. You can customize the background image and also remove certain features from the home screen. Shortcut keys can be assigned for easy access to applications on the BlackBerry. To exit to the main BlackBerry operating system, just press the end call button.

Some things that can be improved:

  • E-mail accounts are not separated.
  • The home screen does not recognize MMS (picture messaging).
  • Voicemails show up as an SMS.
  • Interface takes a little time to get used to.
  • Must exit program to lock keys.
  • Cannot dial from active desktop. Green button can be pressed to access call screen.
  • Program takes over BlackBerry OS. Returns to the program after a certain amount of time.

The program is pretty useful despite a few shortcomings. I am looking forward to testing out the News, Weather, and Stocks add-ons. Check out a video of the software in action below:

Download software:

e-Mobile Today Professional Edition

e-Mobile Today Weather Expansion Pack

e-Mobile Today News Expansion Pack

e-Mobile Today Stocks Expansion Pack

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