Mileage Trackers for BlackBerry

Depending on what industry you are in, you may either get reimbursed for mileage through your company or write off the mileage on your taxes. Last year, the IRS made a change to the deduction amount for mileage. It went up to 58.5 cents per mile (if you are claiming for 2008, the first six months is 50.8 cents per mile). I logged almost 4000 miles and am going to have a nice deduction.

There are a few programs out there for BlackBerry that allow you to track your mileage. I tested out two programs, TrackIT: Vehicle Edition and Mileage Manager. They both work very well to record your mileage.

TrackIT: Vehicle Edition – $24.99 at Handango

This program allows you to track all vehicle expenses in one place: mileage, fuel costs, vehicle expenses, and maintenance. It also allows you to track multiple vehicles. The program is very easy to use and even has a feature to view reports and graphs for your expenses. Data can be exported to your computer using email on your BlackBerry. Filters can be set to export certain types of data.

Mileage Manager – $9.50 at Handango

This is a more basic way to track your mileage. If you are not interested in tracking other expenses, this program is for you. You can easily add mileage entries to the list and export it using email in either HTML or CSV (for Excel) format. Mileage Manager allows you to set a reimbursement amount for your mileage and will keep a running total of how much reimbursement you are owed. This application does not allow you to view reports or graphs. There is one “bug” with Mileage Manager. Normally, if you press the back button on a BlackBerry, it prompts you to save or discard your changes. With this program, the back button will automatically discard your changes. You have to press menu, then save in order for your changes to take effect.

Video review below.

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