Supra eKey for BlackBerry

GE is releasing a long awaited eKey for BlackBerry. eKey is used by realtors to access lock boxes on properties available for sale or lease. The technology also allows realtors to search for listings using eKey lock boxes from their cell phone and to track statistics regarding their listings. Previous lock box users were confined to using a device with an infrared port, generally Palm Treo and Windows Mobile devices.

BlackBerry users can now purchase an infrared eKey fob (pictured). This is a bluetooth device that connects to the BlackBerry similar to a headset and is small enough to connect to your key chain. Once you enter your PIN to open a lock box, the keyfob translates the signal from the BlackBerry to infrared in order to open the lock box.

There are two types of eKey service designed for the BlackBerry. The first is eKey Basic,

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