Mileage Trackers for BlackBerry

Depending on what industry you are in, you may either get reimbursed for mileage through your company or write off the mileage on your taxes. Last year, the IRS made a change to the deduction amount for mileage. It went up to 58.5 cents per mile (if you are claiming for 2008, the first six … Continue reading

Supra eKey for BlackBerry

GE is releasing a long awaited eKey for BlackBerry. eKey is used by realtors to access lock boxes on properties available for sale or lease. The technology also allows realtors to search for listings using eKey lock boxes from their cell phone and to track statistics regarding their listings. Previous lock box users were confined … Continue reading

Review: e-Mobile Today Pro for BlackBerry

For you BlackBerry users that have used Windows Mobile in the past, e-Mobile Today Professional Edition is a great program to utilize an “active” desktop. Windows Mobile phones have an “active” desktop as the home screen. When an event occurs, such as an upcoming appointment or new email, the desktop updates. BlackBerry has a similar … Continue reading

Review: QuickResponse for BlackBerry by Mobylo

Quick Response for BlackBerry is a useful piece of software for anyone that needs to quickly respond to email with information. Real Estate agents are perfect for this software. You can create a quick response template for each property listing that you have and list the amenities that property has to offer. The following video … Continue reading

AT&T’s Systems Are Running Slow…On Their Busiest Day of the Year

***We have moved our WordPress blog to our own server. You can read this article in its entirety here: You think they would be a little better prepared for this. From my live blog: 9:29: Just saw a copy of an email about the system issues stating: “Current Issues and Workarounds These are the … Continue reading

AT&T Expands Insurance Coverage to Include PDAs/Smartphones

***We have moved our WordPress blog to our own server. You can read this article in its entirety here: First thing first, this insurance coverage does not include the iPhone. AT&T is finally allowing customer’s to cover PDAs and smartphones under their insurance program. This coverage includes unintentional liquid/physical damage and lost or stolen … Continue reading